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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
Black Note

Black Note

Be First!
by March 9, 2018


Black Note
Sports and Stouts

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Rich gets mad again at the flat earthers, Michigan/Michigan State basketball, and more

Beer of the Week: 2017 Bells Black Note…Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels…11.2%


Beer News:

America’s Drunkest States

USA today doing their annual vote for best beer scene, If Grand Rapids wins this would make it 3 straight years


WTF Facts of The Week:

  • Hugs help reduce blood pressure, tension and stress levels causing you to feel more trusting and open
  • German’s celebrate Father’s Day by having men pull wagons filled with beer into parks and drink until they pass out
  • The man who invented pop up ads has apologized to the world fro creating one of the Internet’s most hated forms of advertising
  • Dogs will sneeze to tell other dogs they are playing, so when they are playing rough it doesn’t turn into a fight
  • Michael Kerney, the smartest person on Earth with an estimated IQ of 325, graduated HS at 6 and college at 10


Weekly Rundown!


JD Martinez and the Red Sox Finalize a $110 Million Deal


Tim Tebow Sprains His Ankle On Sprinkler Head


SVG Calls Out NCAA and the NBA’s One and Done Rule


Heather Locklear Arrested For Domestic Violence


Justin Thomas Asks For Fan To Be Removed After He Roots For His Ball To Go Into The Bunker


Red Wings Trade Tomas Tatar To Vegas For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Round Pick


Geno Smith A Flat Earther?!?


Papa Johns and the NFL Part Ways


Shea Patterson Files An Appeal For Immediate Eligibility With The NCAA


Forbes Names Detroit 10 Coolest City To Visit in 2018


Michigan/Michigan State Basketball!

  • Michigan wins the BIG Ten Tourney by defeating Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan State, and Purdue
  • Who is a bigger threat to getting to the Final Four…Michigan or MSU?
  • Better coach right now…Izzo or Bielin


Tiger Talk!

  • Castellanos and Martinez raking in Spring Training
  • Norris may be in the bullpen
  • Faedo sent to minor league camp…got to see the major league routine


The Headlines!


A Florida Man Thought His Neighbor Stole His Lawnmower So He Set His Neighbors Corvette on Fire


Boy Peed On Elevator Buttons Then Gets Stuck In Elevator


British Streaker At The Olympics Steals The Show


Man With Red Sauce On His Face Charged With Stealing Meatballs


A Gigantic Pigzilla Seen Rummaging Through Dumpster


26 Year Old Married Teacher Arrested For Inappropriate Relationship With 14 Year Old… Sent Nude Photos and Bought Him Drugs


Grandma Brings Grandson A Doritos Bag Full Of Drugs In Prison


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