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Sunday, February 17th, 2019
Cart Horse

Cart Horse

Be First!
by April 22, 2018


Cart Horse
Sports and Stouts

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Beer of the Week: Old Nation Cart Horse


Beer News:

Brewers Association names its Fastest Growing U.S. Craft Breweries of 2017

  • Ellison in East Lansing #44
  • Paddle Hard Brewing in Grayling #12


WTF Facts of The Week:

  • Friendships at work makes the job more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile, and satisfying for employees
  • Traveling is good for you. It promotes brain health and decreases the risk of heart attack and depression
  • According to scientists, dogs are probably dreaming about their owners when they sleep
  • Being a mom is equivalent to work 2.5 full-time jobs
  • Researchers conclude there are 4 types of drunks: The Hemingway whose personality stays the same, The Mary Poppins who become sweeter and more outgoing, The Nutty Professor who becomes an uninhibited attention seeker, and The Mr. Hyde, who turns hostile
  • The friend that is the meanest to you cares about you the most according to a University of Plymouth study
  • Men who grow beards easily and earlier are more likely to go bald


Weekly Rundown!


Ohtani Blister Could Keep Him Sidelined For A Bit


Ohtani Press From Japan Already Exhausted


Go Fund Me Account For Humboldt Broncos Raise More Than $15.2 Million


Golden Knights Sweep The Kings In First Round of NHL Playoffs


A Man That Allegedly Threatened Stormy Daniels In A Parking Lot Has A Strange Resemblance To A NFL QB


FSU QB Has Apartment Searched For Possible Marijuana Selling


Lawsuit Against MSU Claiming They Destroyed Files To Conceal Nassar Crimes


Christian Stewart Hits Ridiculous Homerun


One Sketchy Photo Lands A Woman’s Face On Anything From Bottled Water to Vaginal Cream


North Carolina Burger Joint Offers Burger With Chargrilled Tarantula


Michigan Family With 13 Sons Has Another Baby


Tigers Fan Goes Shirtless in 36 Degree Game


Cabby and V-Mart Were In The Clubhouse For Machado’s Walkoff


Sports and Stouts Burning Question of the Week

  • Will Colin Kaepernick ever play in the NFL again?

Adidas Wants To Sign Colin Kaepernick To An Endorsement Deal


  • What is MLB’s next move for the 2019 season


The Headlines!

Naked Florida Man Claims He Only Had One Beer As He Punched Cars In Publix Parking Lot


Man In Plastic Bag Disguise Burglarizes GameStop


Ohio Man Arrested For Attacking Girlfriend With A Pizza

Man Arrested After Masterbating In A Tim Hortons Parking Lot

Florida Man Arrested For Lying About Hooters Sign Falling On His Foot



Man Strips Naked, Dances in Street After 5 Car Pile Up


Police Say Women Broke Into Home, Got Naked, And At Cheetos in the Bathtub


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