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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
Dank Frank Juice

Dank Frank Juice

Be First!
by February 23, 2018


Dank Frank Juice
Sports and Stouts

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The Michigan Winter Beer Festival has been postponed, Rich’s dreams come true as the Wings trade Mrazek, and we talk about the MLB pace of play changes.



Beer of the Week: Odd Side Ales Dank Frank Juice…Imperial IPA…9.9%


Beer News:

Alcohol More Important To Living To 90 Than Exercise

Michigan Winter Beer Fest Postponed 


WTF Facts of The Week:

  • A 13 year old girl scout sold 117 boxes of girl scout cookies in 2 hours outside a marijuana dispensary
  • Warren Buffett, worth $78 billion, gave his son, Peter, a single inheritance of $90,000 worth of stock at age 19. He has never given him more financial assistance. Peter spent the money on recording equipment. Had he kept the stock it would be worth over $70 million today.
  • It is illegal in China to be reincarnated without government approval
  • It is tradition in Ireland that if you donate a pint of blood, you receive a pint of Guinness to replace the iron lost


Weekly Rundown!


38 Years Ago Today…Do You Believe in Miracles


Last Night The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Beat Canada In A Shootout To Win First Gold Medal Since 1998


All 30 MLB Will Wear Marjory Stoneman Douglas Hats This Weekend Before Games With Option To Wear During


Mel Kiper Jr. Has Lions Taking A RB At #20 in NFL Draft


Red Wings Trade Petr Mrazek To Flyers For 4th Round Pick


Louisville Appeals To NCAA Denied, Must Vacate Wins and 2013 National Championship


Michigan 2013 De Facto National Championship Shirts Support Chad Tough


Michigan Hires Former Florida Head Coach Jim McElwain As Receivers Coach


A New Type of NCAA Bracket Challenge Is Available


Poll Says 48% of Parents Want Their Kids To Play A Sport Other Than Football


Video Shows Fergie Unsure Of National Anthem in Rehearsal


Mets GM Says Tebow Will Play In The MLB Sometime


Michigan/Michigan State Basketball

  • Who is better?
  • Who makes it further in the tourney?
  • Does it matter if MSU doesn’t win the Big 10 Tourney


Tiger Talk/Pace of Play!

2018 Pace of Play Changes


Anthony Fenech’s Way Too Early 25 Man Roster


The Headlines!

A Passengers Non-Stop Farting Causes Emergency Landing


Southgate Burger King In Hot Water For Inappropriate Material Being Shown On Their TV


KFC In Britain Face A Chicken Shortage


Argentina’s Sexiest Weather Girls Insures Her Bum


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