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Monday, February 18th, 2019

Episode 90

Be First!
by June 29, 2018


Episode 90
Sports and Stouts

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Tigers fire Chris Bosio, there’s a beer shortage at the world cup, and we listen to George Brett telling a great story about how he shit his pants

Beer of the Week: The Bruery The Melange No. 14, 13.4%


Beer Shortage At FIFA World Cup


Two Michigan Breweries Named Best In The Country


WTF Facts of The Week:

  • Adding salt to a pineapple will actually cause it to taste sweeter. It reduces the bitterness of the fruit
  • Most married couples are happiest in their third year of marriage.
  • A Chicago High School played Justin Bieber’s “Baby” in the hallways between classes as a fundraising technique. Students had to pay to make it stop. They made $1000 in three days
  • The probability of you drinking a glass of water that contains a molecule of water that also passed through a dinosaur is almost 100%
  • In 2017, a group of Detroit undercover police officers posing as drug dealers tried to arrest another group of undercover police posing as drug buyers


Sports and Stouts Burning Questions of the Week:

  • Chris Ilitch has recently said that their will be upgrades made to Comerica Park. What’s the major improvement you would make?


Weekly Rundown!

Former Detroit King Football Player Sentenced To 4 Years in Prison for Bar Fight in China


Tigers Pitching Coach Chris Bosio Fired For Insensitive Comments


3 Arkansas Players Misplay a Pop Out To Win The CWS


Yu Darvish Buys Ruth Chris Steakhouse For Minor League Teams


Angels Rookie Pitcher Carried Off On A Stretcher After Awful Ankle Injury


8 Year MLB Veteran Retires After Giving Up 14 Runs


Top 50 Grossing Movies Of All Time Adjusted For Inflation


Archie Bradley Admits That He Has Pitched With Poop In His Pants


Virginia Man Accused of Throwing Chicken Poop At Red Hen


New Antarctic Low Temperature Said To Be -144F


Mexican Soccer Fans Mob The South Korean Embassy And Make Ambassador Drink Tequila With Them


Tiger Talk!


The Headlines!

Man Asks Police To Test For Meth, Wants To Press Charges Against Dealer


Woman Shoots Man In Testicles After He Tries To Take Her A/C


Florida Man Chugs Can Of Busch During DUI Stop


23 Foot Python Swallows Woman In Indonesian Village


Women Gets Head Stuck In Tailpipe At Music Festival


Alleged Serial Killer Killed 9 People And Served Remains At BBQ


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