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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
Episode 91

Episode 91

Be First!
by July 21, 2018


Episode 91
Sports and Stouts

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Jimmy joins us this week we as drink a Transient Artisan Ales Buckley, Rich loves lists, paper tickets are going away, and some Tigers prospect talk

Beer of the Week: Transient Artisan Ales Buckley…Imperial Stout with Vanilla, Maple Syrup, and Coffee…14%


Beer News:

Forbes Two Part Article: First is about a woman who visited every brewery in Michigan and the second is a local beer expert ranking Michigan’s top breweries


S&S Burning Questions of the Week!

  • Does MLB do a poor job promoting their best players?


  • Any issues with the homerun derby? Suggestions for making it better?


  • JV’s performance against the Tigers…expected or a fluke?


  • Michigan RB Chris Evans wants to put more of an emphasis on the Ohio State game. Is losing to OSU ruin your season? Does the Big Ten East need to be split up?


  • Ziggy Ansah and the Lions could not come up with a long term deal and he will be francised. Why couldn’t they come up with a deal?


  • Red Wings and Pistons will no longer accept paper tickets. How will this affect the older crowd?


  • Top Gun 2 has been in the news. Is there any possibility of it being good?


  • The Miami Dolphins have threatened their players with suspensions, fines, or both if they protest the national anthem. Right thing to do?


  • Second half of baseball is about to start. Who is you AL/NL Champion?


  • Josh Hader 7 years ago tweeted some homophobic and racial things. No suspension or fine. Has to take sensitivity training. MLB make the right move?


  • Now that it’s vacation season, where in Michigan do you still want to get to? Outside Michigan? Outside the U.S.?


Weekly Rundown!


Top 25 Grossing Music Artists of 2017


Tiger Talk!

Tigers Have 4 in the Top 100 According to Baseball America


Tigers Top 30 Prospects


The Headlines!


Florida Man With No Arms, Charged With Stabbing A Tourist


Uranus Has Experienced A Colossal Pounding


Man Steals Woman’s Car on Date, Uses It For Another Date


Selfie Taken On Stolen Cell Phone Used To ID Thief


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