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Monday, February 18th, 2019
Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Be First!
by March 31, 2018


Just the Two of Us
Sports and Stouts

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It’s just Rich and Scuba this week, drinking an Oakshire Vintage Heart Shaped Box, talking Michigan basketball, Tigers Opening Day, and is Tiger Woods back?

Beer of the Week: Oakshire Vintage Heart Shaped Box…Bourbon Barrel aged Imperial Chocolate stout with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, coffee and sweet cherries


WTF Facts of The Week:

  • The fact that you eat 8 spiders a year was a social experiment to show how fast false information spreads on the Internet
  • You can buy pills that will make your farts smell like roses or chocolate
  • Marijuana was initially made illegal in 1937 by a man who testified the drug made white women want to be with black men
  • The annual number of worldwide shark bites is 10 times less than the number of human to human bites in NYC
  • The Earth is round


NCAA Tournament!

  • Michigan’s Jordan Poole hits a 3 pointer at the buzzer to send Michigan to the Sweet 16
  • Michigan vs Texas A&M
  • Michigan State ousted by Syracuse
    • Shot 26% from the field
    • Jackson and Ward playing about 15 minutes
  • Xavier eliminated by FSU
  • Loyola def Nevada to go to the Elite 8
  • Michigan def Florida State to go to the Final Four for the second time in 5 years


Weekly Rundown!


Cavaliers Jordan Clarkson Says Dinosaurs Were Pets To Bigger People


Pistons Have Showed Interest In Hiring Chauncey Billups


Izzo Expects Bridges To Leave, Less Sure On Jackson


Denver School District Moves To A 4 Day School Week


The NFL Catch Rule Is Modified


Eastern Michigan U Is Cutting 4 Varsity Sports


Ford Is In Talks To Buy The 104 Year Old Michigan Central Train Station


Bozo the Clown Dead At 89


The College Basketball Team With 100 Straight Losses


Burning Question of the Week!!

Is Tiger Woods “back”?

  • Tied for 5th at Arnold Palmer Invitational Bay Hill
  • Tied for 2nd at the Valspar
  • 10-1 odds to win The Masters…with Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson


Tiger Talk!

  • Zimmerman to pitch Opening Day
  • Franklin Perez out at least 3 months with right lat strain, no surgery recommended…could be out the entire season
  • Candelerio could hit second
    • Martin
    • Candelerio
    • Miggy
    • Nick C.
    • V-Mart
    • Mahtook
    • Iggy
    • McCann
    • Machado

Accountability Higher With Gardenhire Than Ausmus


Tigers Have Reached Out To Marlins Man To Become Tigers Man


The Headlines!


Man and his goat kicked off Detroit bus forced to walk home


Florida Man Tries To Set Fire To Lovers House With Spaghetti Sauce While Wearing a Bull Costume


Golf Cart-Driving Florida Man Tries to Blow Up Neighbor’s Chickens With Home-Made Whiskey Bomb During Dispute Over BB Gun


Time Traveler From 2030 Reveals What Happens In War With N. Korea


Time Traveler From 2200 Claims World Hunger and Cancer End


Fire Crews Free Man When His Balls Get Stuck Between The Slats Of A Plastic Chair – WTF


Antisocial Woman Pretended To Be Blind For 28 Years To Avoid Greeting People


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