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Sunday, May 27th, 2018
Kentucky Bastard

Kentucky Bastard

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by February 10, 2017


Kentucky Bastard
Sports and Stouts

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Beer of the Week: Nickel Brook Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels



Beer News





Get your astronomy boners ready…full moon, eclipse, and comet form the ultimate astronomy three way –


What does $250 million get you? The most expensive house in the U.S. –


Breaking News


Super Bowl 51

  • Patriots win one for the ages with a 34-28 OT victory over the Falcons
    • TB had an awful first half
    • Falcons snapped the ball 13 times in the fourth quarter
  • Roger Goodell booed when presenting the Lombardi Trophy..deserved?
  • Is TB the GOAT? How does he compare to other greats


Michigan Man Wins $1 million going 81-0 against the NFL Spread –


Tiger Talk

  • Who needs to impress you in spring training?


What is the number 1 things you would change about Major League Baseball?

  • Strike Zone?
  • Intentional walk?
  • Pace?
  • MLB considering starting a man at 2b to start extra innings. Experimenting in the minors this year



  • 15 players from the Tigers organization…most in MLB
    • Miggy, V-Mart, F-Rod, Huge Rondoner for Ven.
    • Fulmer, A Wilson, Kinsler for USA
    • Jimenez for Puerto Rico


WBC Schedule –


Lions Talk

Ex-Lion Brandon Pettigrew Arrested –


Top 5 Positions Needed by the Lions in the 2017 Draft –


HS Basketball Star Drops 92pts in a Game –


2020 Olympic Host Tokyo Golf Course Will Not Allow Women –




The Headlines

42 yr old Women Feels Something Crawling Behind Her Eyes –


Customs Agents Finds Pot Disguised as Limes –


Man Has 130lbs Tumor Removed After a Decade of being told he’s just fat –


Wife of 22 years Leaves Husband because he voted for Trump –


Honey Runs Down the Walls in Bee Infested House –


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