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Sunday, May 27th, 2018
New Beer’s Eve

New Beer’s Eve

Be First!
by April 8, 2017


New Beer’s Eve
Sports and Stouts

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Beer of the Week: Miles Davis Bitches Brew – Imperial Stout with honey beer added.

Brewed by Dogfish head out of Delaware.  9% ABV


Beer News:


  • April 6th is New Beers Eve:    Beer became legal to sell again in 1933 following prohibition. The beer had to have an alcohol content less than 3.2% by weight (4% by volume), compared to the 0.5% limit of the Volstead Act, because 3.2% was considered too low to produce intoxication. On the evening of April 6, people lined up outside breweries and taverns, waiting for midnight when they would be able to legally purchase beer for the first time in over 13 years. Since then, the night of April 6 has been referred to as “New Beer’s Eve” and April 7 is known as “National Beer Day


Augusta National Passes Up $100 Million Each Year During the Masters


Zetterberg Spills A Fan’s Beer, Pays Him Back with Autographed Stick


Texas A&M Baseball Prank


Tiger Talk

  • Baseball is back!
  • The tigers have been victims of inclement weather this week.  
  • Solid win in the first game
  • Took an 11-2  beating today – Boyd and Sanchez looked bad
  • What is your favorite opening day tradition/ritual?
  • The weather is going to be extremely cold…Does this change anything?
  • Predictions for this team in the central? league?


Other MLB news

  • Derek Jeter has interest in buying the Miami Marlins


Lions Talk

  • Signing of former CMU and 49er Nick Bellore (Linebacker & Special Teams)
  • Is this team finally committing to putting a winner on the field?


Red Wing Talk

  • With the Joe closing…..What is your favorite memory of it?


Other NHL news

  • Hockey may be coming back to Quebec


Pistons Talk

  • People are still doing the math on how this team could make the playoffs.  Is this a waste of time?


Brady’s jersey stolen again… Gronk!


Michigan Football

  • Michigan football spring game set for 1 p.m. April 15 – Immediately following the Michigan vs. Ohio State Lacrosse match as a “back to back” promotion. Does anyone get hyped for spring game? Is this promotion stupid?


The Headlines
Grandma hit in face with poop thrown by chimp in michigan zoo


12 foot inflatable Oberon bottle stolen then recovered in attorney’s office


Hobby Horsing


Canada Has A Town Called Dildo


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