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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019
NFL Draft

NFL Draft

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by April 28, 2017


NFL Draft
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Jimmy joins us in Studio G this week as we watch the NFL Draft. Founders is coming to Detroit, and what is going on with the Tigers bullpen?

Beer of the Week: Rök House Brewing Company Sköl Krusher BBA Russian Imperial Stout 12.5%


Beer News:

Founders Taproom Coming to Detroit


NFL Draft and Lions Talk!

  • NFL Draft is finally here…what do the Lions do?
    • Would you be mad if they took an offensive skilled player?
  • Adrian Peterson signs 2 year deal with the Saints
  • Marshawn Lynch signs 2 year deal with the Raiders
  • Jabrill Peppers has diluted drug sample at the NFL Combine
    • Jordan Lewis claims it’s because he cramps a lot and works out twice


NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retiring From Racing After 2017 Season


Aaron Hernandez Suicide Notes

  • 3 notes left…1 to his daughter, 1 to his fiancee, and 1 to his High School male lover


3 Places in  Michigan Named the Most Beautiful in America by Buzzfeed


600 Miles of Freeways Changing Speed Limit to 75 MPH


Former Penn St Goalie Cited for Peeing on Two People in Primanti Bros Bathroom


Jay Coghlan’s Aerobatic Home Plate Dive


Tiger Talk!

  • Miggy, JD, Iggy, Jones all on the DL…this could pose a big problem offensively
    • Better to happen now in April than later in the season
    • Jim Aducci and John Hicks tearing it up
  • Jimenez cracked under the pressure when he came in for Verlander
    • Is this good learning situation or could this hurt his confidence?

Bullpen is ranked dead last in ERA, WHIP, Runs, Batting Average, and Hard Contact


The Headlines!

Man drinks 13 beers during a half marathon he didn’t train for


Man Arrested Trying To “Save” His Beer From Fire

Two Men Arrested at JFK Airport in NYC With Cocaine Strapped to Their Legs


Doctors Remove 8 Inch Spoon From Teenagers Stomach


Portland Restaurant Makes Pizza With 101 Cheeses


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