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Wednesday, January 16th, 2019


Be First!
by June 8, 2018


Sports and Stouts

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We’re back after a few weeks off. Drinking a Southern Tier Bourbon Barrel Aged Oat. Can sports betting and marijuana fix Michigan schools and roads? Along with Tiger talk and more.

Beer of the Week: Southern Tier Oat BBA Imperial Oatmeal Stout 12.6%



Facts of The Week:

  • Drinking helps you speak a foreign language
  • The stethoscope was created by a French doctor because he felt uncomfortable placing his face on a young woman’s chest
  • When you fart, you lose .0371 grams of weight
  • Only 4 countries in the world call it soccer, while 188 countries call it futbol
  • The more educated a woman is, the more likely she will be a heavy drinker
  • In Norway, there is an unknown person who had been pooping in golf holes for a decade
  • In 2009, the rapper Coolio tried to dive into the crowd, no one caught him, instead they beat him up and stole his shoes


Sports and Stouts Burning Question of the Week!

  • Should the state of Michigan legalize sports gambling?

Sports Gambling By State

  • Does the NBA Finals seem more unwatchable because of the same teams playing 4 years in a row?


Weekly Rundown!


Legalization of Marijuana Will Go Up For Vote This November


Woman Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Chugs The Beer


Miss America Is Cutting Out Swimsuit Portion Of The Competition


Hell Is Real, It’s Called The Indy 500 Infield


Auburn Cuts Recruit Because His Medicinal Marijuana That Is Used For Epilepsy Is Banned By The NCAA


Michigan Offers 8th Grade LB


Trip Advisor Makes Mackinac Island America’s #1 Summer Destination



Lucas Glover’s Wife Arrested For Domestic Violence After The Players Championship


JV Gets Strikeout 2500 Against Ohtani

21 games (20 starts)
  16-5 team record
  14-3 personal record
  1.36 ERA
  0.72 WHIP
  10.66 K/9
  .156 BA
  139.1 IP
  165 K
  27 BB


Max Scherzer Strikes Out 13, Throws 81 of 99 Pitches For A Strike


MSU To Pay $500 Million In Larry Nassar Settlements


Bartolo Colon Takes 101 MPH Line Drive Off Of His Belly


Tiger Talk!

Tigers select Casey Mize, RHP from Auburn University for the #1 Pick


Christin Stewart Can Hit In The Bigs, But Is He A Complete Player


The Headlines!


Canadian Woman Takes A Poop Inside Tim Horton’s And Hurls It At Workers


25 Year Old Poses As High Schooler To Play Basketball Was An Average Player


Florida Man Runs From Cops, Trips On His Sagging Pants


Florida Man Pulls His 70 Year Old Uncle Out Of A Chair By His Balls


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