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Monday, February 18th, 2019


Be First!
by May 4, 2018


Sports and Stouts

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Lions Draft & Tigers, some pizza discussion, and Rich struggles to say the word penguin.

Beer of the Week: Brewery Vivant Love Shadow Imperial Stout Barrel Aged, 11.7%



Beer News:


Facts of The Week:


  • Bumble Bees can fly higher than Mt. Everest
  • 350 slices of pizza are ate every second in this country
  • In 1995, a convicted murderer was granted a retrial when it was discovered that 4 members of the jury used a Ouija board to contact the dead victim
  • If a cruise ship passenger dies while the ship is at sea, the boat has a dedicated morgue until they can make arrangements to return the deceased
  • Women in ancient Rome use to wear the sweat of gladiators to improve their beauty and complexion


Weekly Rundown!


Sale of Joe Louis Arena Seats To Begin May 1st


Best Home Run Trot By A Little Leaguer


Brazilian Surfer Catches Record Breaking Wave


Phase 2 Of District Detroit Has Been Announced


Sources Say Gores Wants SVG Back For Final Year of His Contract With Front Office Changes


Detroit Zoo Wants To Build Huge Aquarium By The Riverfront


6 of the 10 Best LPGA Golfers Are Committed To Playing in the Volvik Championship in Ann Arbor


Spencer Torkleson Breaks Barry Bonds Freshman HR Record at ASU


Washington Cheerleaders Were Told To Be Escorts For Rich Sponsers On Costa Rica Trip


Divine Child HS Has Modesty Ponchos For Prom This Year


A New Type Of Jeans For Women Are Selling For $168


Which is the most hated sports team in America?


Tiger Talk!

Christian Stewart Is Tearing It Up In AAA


Daniel Norris Out 8-12 Weeks With Groin Surgery


Lions Talk!

Lions Trade Akeem Spencer To Dolphins For An Undisclosed 2019 Draft Pick


Lions Draft Picks

The Headlines!


Florida Man Asks Trooper To Leave The Scene Of A Crash To Get Meth


Florida Man Vandalizes Car That Reminded Him Of College Bullies


Mystery Football Field Pooper Turned Out To Be The Superintendent


City Commissioner Accused Of Licking Former City Managers Face Among Other Inappropriate Touching


Police Use Stun Gun On A Man Attempting To Have Sex In A Car


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