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Friday, May 25th, 2018
The Earth is Flat?

The Earth is Flat?

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by February 24, 2017


The Earth is Flat?
Sports and Stouts

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Beer of the Week: Central Waters Brewing Company Scotch Ale aged in oak bourbon barrels…coming in at cool 9.5%


Beer News:

  • Winter Beerfest in GR this coming weekend
  • Beer Candy Bars


Miller-Coors Corp is Bringing Back Zima –


Pistons Talk!

  • Why were the Pistons quiet at the trade deadline?


Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat

  • “If you really think about it from the landscape of the way we travel, the way we move, and the fact that – can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets” 
  • Draymond Green “the Earth could be flat”
  • Can this be compared to William Hayes of the LA Rams believing in mermaids and thinks that dinosaurs are a hoax


15 Things to Never Say to a Michigander




Tiger Talk!

  • Donnie Kelly Baby is back with the Tigers as a pro scout and assistant to player development
  • What is your everyday ideal lineup?


37 Years Ago Yesterday – Miracle on Ice


Hospitals Smallest Premie Goes Home After 4 months –


NASCAR Fans are Outraged by the Monster Energy Girls –


Lions Talk!

Former Lions CB Fired as Football Coach for Wife’s 3 years old Instagram Pic –


Red Wing Talk!

  • Will the Wings be making moves before the deadline? If so, who is the untouchables?
  • Riley Sheahan still looking for his first goal
  • Drew Miller requests a trade. Will we see more of this?


The Headlines!

Women Gives Man Cash for Drugs, Calls Cops When He Doesn’t Return –


Woman Cuts off Man Penis for Not Making Eye Contact During Sex –


Florida Man Dies After Meth Lab Explosion After Lighting Farts on Fire  –


Georgia Man Assaults his Mom with Pork Chop ––law/georgia-man-assaults-mom-with-pork-chop-cops-say/wzu5GIwBT65UonXCHRGySP/amp.html?client=safar


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