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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018


Be First!
by July 28, 2017


Sports and Stouts

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Beer of the Week: Stone Brewing Company Woot Stout.  Ale brewed with pecans, wheat and rye, and one quarter aged in bourbon barrels.


Beer News:

Beer Remains the Preferred Alcoholic Beverage in the U.S.


Weekly Rundown!

Lions Dropping $100 million into Ford Field

Lions Take Down Playoff Banner


Bruce Allen Calls His Franchise QB  by the Wrong Name


Mets Make A Bobblehead That Resembles A Dong


The Juice Has Been Granted Parole


Dan Orlovsky Gets Job Before Kaepernick


Tiger Talk!

  • JD Martinez is traded to the Arizona DBacks for 3 INF prospects
    • Was this a good trade? Could the Tigers have got more is traded closer to the deadline?
    • JD wants to finish his career in Detroit. Could he make a return?
    • Jim Aducci brought up from Toledo…picked over JaCoby Jones
  • Who’s next to get traded?
    • Justin Wilson? Alex Avila? JV?

The Headlines!


Drug Dealer Calls 911 Over Stole Cocaine


MMA Fighter Barfs All Over the Octogon


Bear Wanders Into Wyoming House, Takes Two Dumps


Women Gives Birth in the Backseat of an Uber


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